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Celebrate Hiking Weather at These Pastoral BnBs!

Slowly but surely winter is ending, and the advent of warmer weather can only mean one thing for upstaters: Hiking! A solid hike at some of our great nature preserves is perhaps the one thing that really can’t be enjoyed as much in urban areas. The solitude of nature and serene calm of rustling branches and yeah, yeah, yeah you’re saying, give it a rest Thoreau. Waxing poetic aside, here are three great bed and breakfasts with exceptional access to some of the best hiking in the area. Book your stays early because it’s only getting warmer!


Price/night: $200 + up
Accommodations: 3 Bedrooms
Max guests: 6+
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
The High Falls is located in picturesque, you guessed it, High Falls New York. Nestled in between Rosendale and Stone Ridge, High Falls is often overlooked, but for our money is one the best little towns in the valley. This gorgeous property is located just a couple minutes from the town of High Falls, located on 4+ acres of undeveloped forest with excellent access to local hiking trails that include a waterfall, which is definitely one of the top 5 best things for a hiking trail to include. The decor is also top notch, with a great balance between rustic and more modern touches.


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